6 Things To Buy Your Friend Who Is Obsessed With Marble

What is not to love about Marble? It's an addiction that has taken over all different walks of life and can be found in literally anything from computer cases, earrings and even purses! 

It is definitely one of our favourite trends and we sure hope it is here to stay. Here are our Top 6  picks that make great gift ideas for pleasing the marble lover in your life. 

1. Marble Iphone Case

Seriously this case just glams up my daily outfit accessories even on a casual day. believe me , my phone needs protecting these days because its been getting lots of attention. starting at $13.79 (shop here)

iphone case


2. Marble Earrings 

These earrings make any ponytail day look great. but be aware these will have everyone complimenting you, so be ready to share ( shop here )

3. Marble Makeup Bag

This bag is my lifeline to my everyday makeup, everything fits perfectly especially in my purse while on the go. I was excited to find out that it is vegan friendly too and the price point is hard to resist $26.50 ( shop via Luxeb )



4. Marble Workout Gear

I had to do a double take when I saw this beauty pop up on instagram. Marble in the gym and my yoga class (What !!!) this was a no brainer. (shop via Slinkii )



5. Marble Laptop Case 

This trend is on lockdown, not only does it make sense having a hardcover case to protect your computer but the minimalist, clean vibes of the marble will get everyone asking where you got your computer.Starting at $26.60 (shop Here)

6. Marble Bangles

#armcandy #armswag, these #goldrush beauties look amazing stacked (#armstack) with all your favorite bangles. filling up your arm's real estate with your favorite bangles and a statement watch will be a trend here to stay. (shop via LuxeBlogger )



 Shop All Here

Photo Credits-www.luxeblogger.com , www.slinkii.com & www.dayinmydreams.com

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