My Dream is to build Luxe B into a home gift shop brand. We specialize in making beautiful memories with pieces that become the topic of conversation.

I've built three brands; Handmade Marble Makeup Bags that are beautiful to the eye and can be located all across Instagram. Also, luxury gold hardware fur pom pom keychains that moms rock on their keys, purse or even diaper bags. Luxe B Baby, which are the cutest oversized removable pom pom beanies. You can mix and match the pom poms and we hit the market running with our matching Mommy and me sets.

Our new innovation is Pampas Grass, spending the last 10 years in California I fell in love with the natural beauty of the state's greenery. Pampas Grass has been the most stunning feature to a large family kitchen table, entryways or a minimalist vase in your home.  It's now gracing weddings in such a soft, beautiful way and this has been so exciting. 

What's Next, I have my eye on a clay pottery retreat in Mexico and we have been exploring some projects with some Rattan Furniture.


I Love Creating, I Love all the beautiful Pictures my community shares and I am forever grateful.